Why NewMexiKen?

The World Wide Web is about 10 years old. Almost from the beginning I have been interested in its content and use. In 1994 I spent ten weeks on a working group whose mission was to evolve an approach the Department of State should take regarding use of the web. Fortunately, many at State took their own initiative and established useful and informative State-related sites even before we had an “approach.”

By 1996 I had built my first personal web pages and put them on line. I still have a print out. At about the same time I also designed the State Department Library’s first web pages. (My little piece of history—State’s Library was established by Thomas Jefferson; its web pages were established by me.) Later I built pages for Debby and Kenny’s books and presentations, Lee’s PCT thru-hike and others.

All along I have maintained some sort of personal page or pages on-line. Often these have been simply lists of links. Occasionally I have added photos or commentary. Ultimately, each time, I wonder what’s the point—no one besides me looks at the page. I delete whatever is there and go back to just links or to nothing at all.

But I always come back and build another page.

  • I find I enjoy the creativity and the endless tweaking it takes to get the page to look just right (to my eyes at least).
  • I also find I like coming up with links, or photos or my own words and sharing them—and hoping others will find them interesting, too.
  • Blogging software makes adding items quick and simple.
  • It’s free and I have the time. Except for Law & Order it’s better than TV. And I do do other things.

And so, NewMexiKen begins.