NewMexiKen’s Household Hints

A series of household hints based upon NewMexiKen’s personal experience:

When looking forward to that last mug of coffee for the day, after filling the mug, be careful not to set it so that it is balanced partly on the cutting board and partly on the counter while you turn away to rinse the coffee pot.

When making deviled eggs it is important to realize that the eggs may be wet on the plate. Accordingly, when turning to put the deviled eggs in the refrigerator, try not to turn too quickly. Otherwise, you may find that it is a slippery slope between a dozen deviled eggs and nine deviled eggs.

When walking around the house with a full mug of coffee, it is not better to set the mug down on the 4-by-4-inch top of a bed post.

When enjoying a late morning cup of coffee while browsing the internets with the laptop, it is better to take the half-filled coffee mug off the arm of the recliner-rocker before releasing the chair and standing up.

When making coffee with an automatic coffee-maker, always remember to place the carafe in the coffee-maker before starting to make coffee.

Before vigorously shaking a container of Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand orange juice (to mix the juice and pulp) be certain the cap is properly tightened.

When intending to keep the remaining coffee warm after pouring the first cup, it’s best to place the carafe back on the hot plate of the coffee maker, rather than on the counter.

When unable to locate a small kitchen utensil such as the stainless steel coffee scoop, a good place to check is the garbage disposal.

When cutting open the shrink wrap from a large package of plastic bottled water it is best not to slice into the water bottles themselves.

There are three essential steps to making coffee: (1) Add filter and coffee, (2) Add water, (3) Turn on the coffee maker. EACH of these steps is essential. Failure to turn on the coffee maker can delay the entire process.

If you decide to have BLTs for dinner and if you go to the store specifically to buy L (lettuce) for the BLTs, and you pick out a nice head of L and put it in your cart, it’s also a good idea to make certain the checker actually bags the L after she rings it up. BTs, while tasty, are not as tasty as BLTs.

NewMexiKen likes a hard-boiled egg time and again. The best approach I’ve found is to start the eggs in cold water, bring them to a boil, then cook at a lower heat for 14-15 minutes. Bringing the eggs to a rapid boil, forgetting about them for an hour, and having all the water boil away does not appear to work as well.

ScoopWhen turning on the garbage disposal and hearing a loud grinding metallic sound, it’s best to turn off the disposal and not to turn it on again to check and see if it repeats the sound. I’m going to need a new coffee scoop.