First posted in 2009 —

Those that follow this blog know of my continued praise of The Sweeties athletic success, mostly Mack of course because he’s the oldest and more into it. Kiley (6) and Aidan (5) both completed a mile run Saturday, but Mack ran the event in a personal best 6:42 and took first place in the 8-9 age group.

Defender Close Up

Later in the day Mack also played soccer and gave us this great sequence. You see him here lined up for a direct kick (the kicking player and Mack’s teammates are cropped out of the photo — I don’t post photos of other children without permission, etc., etc.) but you can see the ball. Pay special attention to the determined, downright fierce look on Mack’s face.

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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

This story from Jill first published here 12 years ago today.

[Three-year-old] Mack and I picked out some lovely ripe cherries at the market today. We’re going to chop them up and put them in homemade ice cream.

At lunch I diced some of them and gave them to [8-month-old] Aidan.

He grabbed a couple and stuffed them in his mouth. Immediately, his eyes shot to me with an expression that perfectly conveyed two thoughts:

“My God, but I do love you, woman.”


“Exactly what else have you been keeping from me?”

Pajama Day

First posted here nine years ago today.

Mack, official oldest grandchild of NewMexiKen, was nervous. According to his mother, it was “pajama day” at Little Lambs pre-school. That meant that all the five-year-olds were supposed to wear a favorite pair of pajamas to school. In his pajamas in the car on the way however, it felt a little uncertain.

To alleviate the uncertainty — which by then had started to settle into her own mind — his mom began to suggest other “clothing days” there might be. In the joking that followed, Mack suggested — as 5-year-old boys will — “underpants day.”

His mother assured him there would be no day when the kids just wore underpants to class — at least not until college.