Twitter Is a 24-Hour Party

I thought this blog essay at Scientific American was as good a description of Twitter as anything I’d seen — Twitter Is a 24-Hour Party. You Can Tweet If You Want To.

Personally I’ve written that if you imagine the Internet as a big office, then Twitter is the conversation around the coffee pot in the break room. Go to Twitter when you want the gossip, or the sports news or the political chatter, or if you’re just restless and looking to be amused or informed. But in any case don’t ever think of Twitter as an inbox that has to be read.

The key of course is to find the most interesting people to have in the break room with you.

Grandpa’s Tweeties

The Onion [Retweeted] New Walgreens Facebook Plugin Allows Users To See What Prescriptions Friends Are Picking Up

Dan Wetzel [Retweeted] Augusta National has never had a female member. It’s always invited the IBM CEO. The new IBM CEO is female. Column:

“Romney…does indeed believe that there are only two kinds of people in the world — himself, and The Help.”

Mega Millions Friday $500 million. If you want cash, $359 million; after taxes, take home around $215 million. I could remodel my kitchen. [After this one I got a DM from a remodel site.]

#ifiwin500million I could take that trip to Branson I’ve always dreamed about.

#ifiwin500million I could get that Thomas Kinkade painting I saw in the mall.

#ifiwin500million I could afford to replace my dial-up Internet.

#ifiwin500million I bet I would have a lot of new Facebook friends.

#ifiwin500million I would be able to buy stuff at Kohl’s even if I only got the 15% off coupon.

#ifiwin500million Californy is the place I ought to be, so I’d load up the truck and move to Beverly (Hills, that is). [Earl Scruggs tweet]

Tweet Tweet Tweet


@AmazingPics: Stunning Light from Alaskan Photographer and Commercial Fisherman Corey Arnold: Beautiful!

Lobbyists, Guns and Money

“Percentage of Americans who believe that the population of the United States exceeds one billion: 28” #HarpersIndex

So, does anyone know? How much crack do the Girl Scouts put in those Thin Mints to make them so addictive?

Only thing better than backhanding a grounder? Backhanding a grounder twice in one play. Seeing is believing …

@Sherman_Alexie [Retweeted] Ocassionally, when someone asks how I am, I tell them the truth: always hungry, often lonely.


For just $57.54 you can buy ebook copies of all 7 Harry Potter books directly from

If the Supremes decide the government cannot mandate citizens to buy health insurance, can the government mandate we buy auto insurance?

The rules of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons Many applicable to everyday life — if you live in Southwest.

A Collection of Kisses – In Focus Besame mucho. 37 pics.

@outsidemagazine [Retweeted] Should the Grand Canyon have a tram? @NN_Prez_Shelly and others think so. @MCOC reports:

So Far Wednesday

Mariners beat A’s 3-1 in 11 innings today. Ichiro had four hits. First game of 2012 season — played in Tokyo.

“@harpers: Percentage of Americans who say they use prayer as a form of health care: 25 (Apr ’93)” I pray my doctor isn’t one of them.

Early Morning Tweets

Ken Levine posted part of the screenplay from a St. Patrick’s Day Cheers episode he and his partner wrote. Fun to read.

I thought Amy Davidson’s essay re: the Afghan Army shooter was worthwhile. “Losing Sergeant Bales”

Charles Barkley: “I was 10-2 yesterday… 10-3 I think.”
Ernie Johnson: “There were 16 games yesterday.”

Very cool T-shirt. Norfolk State Spartans Merchandise

Patrick, just another Brit who conquered Ireland — though in his case he conquered them spiritually.

And some from yesterday:

Apple’s market capitalization is worth more than the rest of retail combined. Google sells 1½ more $ in ads than all [U.S.] newspapers combined.

How high can you jump? @redbull daredevil jumps from 13.6 miles, and he’s not done! The photos frighten me.

Today is why they call it March Madness. (Well that and clever alliterative marketing.)