Independence Day Trivia Quiz

  1. Based on their age when they took office, Theodore Roosevelt (42) is the youngest president the U.S. has had. John F. Kennedy (43) is the second youngest. Who is the third youngest president? Fourth youngest? (Both were 46 and some months. Barack Obama is fifth youngest.
  2. Who was the oldest president?
  3. Alaska is the largest state, Texas second. Which state is the third largest? Fourth largest? Fifth?
  4. Rhode Island is the smallest state, Delaware second. Which state is the third smallest? Fourth smallest? Fifth?
  5. The highest mountain in the eastern U.S. is in which state?
  6. The largest county in the U.S. is San Bernardino, California (20,105 square miles). The smallest county (26 square miles) is?
  7. The boundary with Mexico is 1,933 miles. The boundary with Canada is about (1) half as long, (2) the same as with Mexico, (3) half again as long as the boundary with Mexico, (4) more than twice as long as the boundary with Mexico?
  8. Three first ladies earned post-graduate degrees. Which three?
  9. True or false, the Liberty Bell cracked ringing to celebrate the Declaration of Independence.
  10. The monarch to whom the Declaration of Independence is addressed is (1) Louis XIV, (2) Elizabeth I, (3) Edward VIII, (4) George III?

Bonus question: Quick, without looking, are there more red stripes or white stripes in the American flag?

Answers in comments. No peeking.

Independence Day

The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Second Continental Congress on this date in 1776. The name of the holiday today is Independence Day. July 4th is a date.

Independence itself was voted two days earlier, July 2, 1776. We celebrate the anniversary of the birth announcement, not the birth. The signing of the embossed copy we recognize as THE Declaration of Independence began on August 2nd.

Ride, Sally, Ride

“‘Mustang Sally’ began as ‘Mustang Mama,’ which he was inspired to write by the newly introduced Ford Mustang sports car. It was Aretha Franklin, the pianist on Mr. Rice’s demo of the song, who persuaded him to rename it.”

From New York Times obituary for Mack Rice

If you disrespect anybody that you run in to
How in the world do you think anybody’s s’posed to respect you?