I’m Still Here

NewMexiKen the blog was 13-years-old a couple days ago (August 4). Not much in recent years but once some site claimed I was the most prolific blogger of them all (a dubious distinction).

I like Spotify better than Apple Music. The playlists are easier to find and better.

Only time Trump’s ever been right in my opinion was when he didn’t endorse Ryan and McCain. And now he’s blown that.

90º or higher all but three days in June and all but two in July. Ugh. Cooler now — in August, believe it or not. Monsoon winds bringing the clouds and humidity.

Espresso Fino deemed best coffee house in New Mexico by Mental Floss. Haven’t been to every coffee house in New Mexico yet, but Espresso Fino is definitely good.

Bot phone calls are nasty. Low tier in Hell for those a-holes. If I don’t recognize the number I don’t answer the phone. (Nice to have that option. At my age, who cares?)

The Sweeties are going into grades K, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8 and 10 in a few weeks. Five of the seven were born after this blog began.

Before the Fall is good. Valiant Ambition is interesting, though ends rather abruptly. However motivated, Benedict Arnold was a traitor, though it is interesting to think that if you are a traitor against the King, then forsake the colonies and change back are you twice a traitor or do two wrongs make a right?

BoJack Horseman, is terrific. I binged all three seasons (36 episodes). The Americans highly recommended, too.

Been completely off Twitter for 18 months. Follow about six people on Facebook. Rarely blog. Life is so much simpler (though I still spend too much time online).

“The Olympics is sports, packaged for non-sports fans, which is slightly offensive if you’re a sports fan.” Nate Silver

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. Revolver came out 50 years ago, and then rock music started to get really interesting. That seems like something you may have noted, were you posting more.
    Bojack Horseman is indeed a fine show. It’s hard to stop watching. Will Arnett is perfect as Bojack.

    1. Thought for a minute Muddy you were right and I had discussed Revolver somewhere along the way, but appears not.

      Trying to decide whether BoJack Horseman merits a second viewing so soon after the first.

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