Today’s Photos

Omaha Beach. Photos by Jill, 2009. Click for larger versions.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Photos”

  1. At he bottom of the pictures appear what must be my original comments from Picasa – ? It is funny because a few photos are missing between photo seven and photo eight here. In comments on those missing photos I must have described how difficult it was to find the last location, and how it was already almost dark when we got there. So that is what I am referring to in the comment on the eighth photo. I am not saying that the Normandy Invasion was “worth it so I could get these photos.” Yeesh.

  2. My apologies, Jill. I didn’t realize the captions conveyed from PicasaWeb through Aperture to WordPress.

  3. We have very similar pictures from our trip there in 2013. Such an incredible place to visit. Very emotional. -Mrs. A

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