Trick or Treat

Our cozy chimenea last evening.
Our cozy chimenea last evening.

For the past several years I’ve spent Halloween in Virginia with five of The Sweeties. There I’ve noticed the several households that settle in the driveway with comfy chairs, blankets and warming, cheerful fires. I’ve always disliked that up-down, go to the door candy distribution hassle myself, but the outdoor campers seemed to be enjoying the evening every bit as much as the trick-or-treaters.

So this year my friend Donna and I moved the chimenea to her driveway, stoked a nice fire and welcomed the candy extortionists.

It was great — and quite the hit of the neighborhood among both the kids and their escorts. We were cozy as the evening grew chilly and had a great time with the scores of monsters, goblins, ghosts and freaks — youngest 10 weeks, oldest perhaps a mom herself.

Try it next year.

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  1. We do something similar with a fire pit here in northern Virginia, sneaking in a few handfuls of leaves for kindling when necessary. The chimenea looks to be a better device, less smoke at chair level probably.

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