February 25th

CBS news veteran Bob Schieffer is 77.

Karen Grassle, the mom on Little House on the Prairie, is 72.

Tea Leoni is 48.

John Foster Dulles was born on this date in 1888. Dulles was Secretary of State under Eisenhower from 1953 until April 1959. He is the person for whom Washington Dulles International Airport is named.

Enrico Caruso was born in Naples on this date in 1873. The tenor was the 18th of 21 children but the first to survive past infancy. Caruso was the first artist to sell a million copies of a recording — “Vesti la giubba” (1904).

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born on this date in 1841. That’s Renoir’s “Beach Scene, Guernsey” (1883).