Edison Home National Historic Site (New Jersey)

… was designated on December 6, 1955. The following July the nearby Edison Laboratory National Monument was proclaimed. The sites were combined in 1962 and then renamed and designated Thomas Edison National Historical Park in 2009. That is Glenmont, the Edison home, pictured.


Thomas Edison National Historical Park was established “to commemorate the outstanding achievements of the great American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison” (Presidential Proclamation 3148). The site was conveyed to the National Park Service through a series of legal agreements between the government and Thomas A. Edison, Inc. (later McGraw Edison Company) between 1955 and 1962. It is located within the township of West Orange in New Jersey. Containing 21.25 acres, the park preserves Thomas Alva Edison’s laboratory, his estate Glenmont, and collections in perpetuity and makes this valuable part of America’s heritage available to over 60,000 visitors each year for their enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation.

Spend an afternoon exploring Glenmont, the estate of Thomas and Mina Edison. Thomas Edison purchased this grand estate for his new bride, Mina Miller Edison, in 1886. It is here that the Edisons raised their children and entertained friends, family, and Edison business associates.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park