Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (Colorado)

… was authorized 12 years ago today.

On November 29, 1864, Colonel John M. Chivington led approximately 700 U.S. volunteer soldiers to a village of about 500 Cheyenne and Arapaho people camped along the banks of Big Sandy Creek in southeastern Colorado. Although the Cheyenne and Arapaho people believed they were under the protection of the U.S. Army, Chivington’s troops attacked and killed about 150 people, mainly women, children, and the elderly.

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  1. If you are ever passing through Lamar, Colorado, and you have an interest in the Sand Creek Massacre, you should visit Big Timbers Museum. We have a large display of artifacts found at the site, mostly by someone who lived on the ranch before it became a national site. The items are displayed with documentation and photographs. One day we hope to have them on their own web page.

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