Minuteman Missile National Historic Site (South Dakota)

… was authorized on this date in 1999.

The Cold War lives on at Minuteman Missile NHS! Minuteman missiles held the power to destroy civilization. Yet the same destructive force acted as a nuclear deterrent which kept the peace for three decades. At Minuteman Missile it is possible to learn how the threat of nuclear war came to haunt the world.

Launch Control Facility Delta-01

This building functioned as topside support for the underground launch control center. It acted as a multi purpose facility to help personnel perform their mission.

Its primary purpose was to assist the missileers stationed underground in carrying out their mission. Mechanical implements such as a backup generator for auxiliary power and environmental control equipment provided backup support in the event of an emergency. The building contained a security control center where all security activities were coordinated from and personnel would be processed when coming on site.

The structure also included living quarters, a day room, dining area and recreational room that Air Force personnel used during three day duty shifts.

Launch Facility missile silo Delta-09

There is no better place to witness the Minuteman’s role in the Cold War then at Launch Facility Delta-09. From 1963 until 1991 Delta-09 contained a fully operational Minuteman Missile. The Delta-09 silo was one of 150 spread across western South Dakota. In total there were 1,000 Minuteman’s deployed at the height of the Cold War. These nuclear sentinels waited silent and deadly to perform their destructive duty at a moment’s notice.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.