Amistad National Recreation Area (Texas)

… was authorized November 28, 1990.

An oasis in the desert, Amistad National Recreation Area is located on the US portion of the International Amistad Reservoir. Amistad, whose name comes from the Spanish word meaning friendship is best known for excellent water-based recreation, camping, hiking, rock art viewing and its rich cultural history. Amistad is also home to a wide variety of plant and animal life above and below the water.

People use Amistad Reservoir year round. In contrast, some animals utilize the area only during seasonal migrations. In the fall, thousands of Monarch butterflies roost on park lands before continuing their journey south to wintering sites in Mexico. Many waterfowl species spend the winter on the lake before returning north in the spring. Even endangered and threatened species, such as the Interior least tern, use the lake to nest and raise young.

The National Park Service and state agencies have implemented several projects in order to monitor the natural resources of the lake and surrounding areas. Extensive inventories of flora and fauna, yearly Monarch butterfly tagging, and monthly water quality testing provide invaluable data. By monitoring changes, park staff can quickly take measures to conserve the natural resources and beauty of Amistad National Recreation Area.

Amistad National Recreation Area