Best line of the day

I am not part of the suicidally depressed left that is sure Sarah Palin is going to be the next presidential nominee.

I think she’s too smart to even try — she is very smart, in an uncurious, intellectually lazy way. Sort of what George Bush would be like if he’d been sent to Wasilla High instead of prep school. In fact, let’s give Sarah some credit here. If George W. had her background, he’d be serving fast food and cursing the day he got fired from the overnight shift at the canning factory.

Gail Collins

1 thought on “Best line of the day”

  1. I’m with Collins on this. I think Palin has adopted the Gingrich model: flirt with a return to politics to maintain a credibility with the book-buying public, but keep raking in the bucks.

    Politics is hard. You have to answer questions that aren’t pre-screened. You have to study and know stuff. Palin is a celebrity. That’s all she ever wanted to be. Why would she run for office?

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