Four More Reasons to Drink Red Wine


It’s common knowledge that a glass or two of red wine a night will do more than enhance a great meal or put you to sleep: it can reduce production of “bad” cholesterol, boost “good” cholesterol and reduce blood clotting, all of which will help reduce the risk of heart disease. But recent studies are showing that wine aficionados may also reap even more benefits, from inhibiting tumor development to helping form nerve cells. Here’s a roundup of four recent studies that might encourage you to uncork that bottle of merlot …

Coffee in the morning (see yesterday’s post), nap in the afternoon (see earlier post today) and red white wine in the evening. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “Four More Reasons to Drink Red Wine”

  1. Sounds like you have been drinking red “white” in the afternoon, too.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I’m not drinking f*@king Merlot.

  2. Sounds like the good life!

    Couple that with eggs are good again, beef is good again, rich shellfish stew, pork ribs on the barby…

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