Ron Howard’s little brother

Clint is 46 today. He has appeared in many of his brother’s films — Cocoon and Apollo 13 come to mind, but most will remember Clint Howard as the 8-year-old kid in the TV series Gentle Ben. (Dennis Weaver was the dad.) Howard was also the voice of Roo in the Disney Winnie the Pooh films.

Since NewMexiKen first posted information about Clint Howard a year ago, the term “Ron Howard’s brother” (and variants) has been the most popular search term for people finding their way to the site.

Happy Birthday Clint.

3 thoughts on “Ron Howard’s little brother”

  1. Clint also guest “starred” in a Star Trek episode where he shared trania, a drink with Kirk, Spock, and other(s).

  2. Don’t forget “The Smog Strangler” or whatever in a Seinfeld episode. He shows up everywhere it seems. 114 film credits, over 50 tv guest appearances among many other credits according to IMDb. Obviously no correlation between good looks and wealth in this case.

  3. He’ll always be peanut butter and jelly sandwich-sharing Leon from The Andy Griffith Show to me!

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