Finally, green means go

The always delightful Dan Neil of the Los Angeles Times reviews the new Honda Accord Hybrid. He begins:

Forget Ferrari and Lamborghini. For those of certain sympathies and convictions, the Honda Accord Hybrid may be the sexiest thing on four wheels.

Are you one of them? Take this simple test to find out:

Do you think Ralph Nader a villain or a secular saint? If the latter, give yourself one point (if you think Ralph is sexy, give yourself two points).

Do you believe global warming is pseudo-science trumped up by alarmist researchers enriching themselves on research grants, or do you believe it poses an imminent threat to life on Earth? If the latter, give yourself three points. Sports talk radio or NPR? If the latter, four points. Hummer hater? Five points. Do you know your Starbucks barista by name? Six points.

Do you believe the secret Cheney energy task force was not unduly influenced by oil and coal lobbyists? Deduct 10 points and check your watch. It might be time for your meds.

In some ways, the Accord Hybrid, which is available starting Friday, is extraordinary in its ordinariness.