Yosemite’s Natural State Commands a High Price

From The Washington Post:

After decades of debate, Yosemite is embarking on a $440 million plan to limit or change human activity around the glorious but beleaguered park. Some campsites will be eliminated or moved, roads and trails will be refigured, and many visitors will eventually have to roam the valley in shuttle buses instead of their cars — all to better protect the park’s natural wonders without ruining public access.

Striking that delicate balance has become the crucible of national parks across the country — from Yellowstone’s struggle with snowmobiles to conflicts over motorized boating on the Colorado River inside the Grand Canyon.

New population pressures and recreational pastimes that keep pushing deeper into pristine wilderness are laying siege to many national parks, and some of them are at a loss for solutions. Yosemite believes it has found its remedy.

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