The Apprentice

The promos would have us believe that two of the apprentices are fired tonight — in the first half hour. They also tell us Omarosa and Troy are back.

Foolishly, NewMexiKen will take the promos at face value. Maybe there was something fishy about last week’s deal to lease the penthouse for $40,800. If so, Trump can fire both Amy and gum-chewing Nick for cheating. That would also mean that Troy should come back, because he was fired when his team lost.

How Omarosa fits in is trickier. Do you suppose Trump is really in this for the ratings? As he himself said, “We have a lot of interesting characters left, but if I were going purely for entertainment value, I would’ve left Sam and Omarosa for the finals.”

Of course, Trump also said, “But I can’t do that. I don’t let the entertainment value enter into my decision at all.” Believe that and you’re as foolish as I am trying to decipher the show’s promos.

4:40 PM MDT

Update after the show: Well I guessed the two that had to go, but like with many things suggested more “opera” than necessary for it all to happen.

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  1. Overall tonight’s show was a bit disappointing, I thought. But the part where Omarosa baldly and boldly lied about the telephone call was AWESOME television. Byron and I could not believe what we were seeing. We especially liked the reaction of Diane, the “regular person” trying to deal with Omarosa on the phone. Finally, someone who didn’t act like Omarosa’s sociopathic behavior was just quirky and a bit rude.

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