Rare play

Regular readers of NewMexiKen know that I am a fan and constant visitor to Eschaton and the work of Atrios. It’s about the best place in the blogosphere for commentary on current issues.

But even the great hitters sometimes mess up. Today Atrios hit into the rare triple negative: “Not insignificant chunks of the internet are inaccessible today.”

Which reminds NewMexiKen of the line about Nixon’s political philosophy: “If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.”

1 thought on “Rare play”

  1. I scored 7/10 as well on the quiz so I guess that puts me in excellent company….
    Am using my only five free minutes of the day to visit your site – please dont pull the plug.
    More pics of your kids with the sweeties please – I know grandkids rightfully take the spotlight but would like to know their parents are still standing. 🙂

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