Drive into the light

It’s auto insurance renewal time and the premium is actually a few dollars less than six months ago, an unexpected treat. Being put in a good mood, NewMexiKen was probably more amused by some of the possible answers to these Are You a Safe Driver? questions than they deserve, but:

3. Where should your hands be while driving?
A. 7 and 11 o’clock
B. 10 and 2 o’clock
C. One hand at 12 o’clock the other firmly holding your cell phone

4. If your signals are broken, what are you supposed to use to signal instead?
A. Your doors
B. Your left arm
C. Your children

5. In city driving a good habit is to:
A. Never make eye contact with another driver
B. Practice good judgment
C. Reduce speed and use the horn a lot

10. What should you do if an oncoming vehicle is blinding you with its high beams?
A. Drive into the light
B. Honk your horn
C. Flash your lights quickly to signal that they are on high beam.