Youngster strikes it big with huge night at the lanes

From The Seattle Times: Sideline Chatter:

Forget the 300 game and the 806 series Josh Garner bowled at Century Lanes in Hampton, Va., on March 15. Garner’s most amazing number is 12.

His age.

According to the local secretary of the Young American Bowling Alliance, Garner — 12 years, 8 months, 28 days, to be exact — is the third-youngest bowler to record a 300 and 800 on the same night. He rolled games of 279, 300 and needed a 10th-frame strike for the 227 that pushed him over 800.

As Josh’s cousin, Stu Blau Jr., told the Newport News Daily Press: “I was bowling on the lanes right next to him, and it was pretty cool. I couldn’t bowl because I was too busy watching him. The weird thing is he didn’t look nervous at all.

“I guess he was too young to realize what he was doing.”

Don’t be so sure.

“I told my mom that I’d get a 300 by the time I was 14,” Garner told the Daily Press, “but I never said anything about an 800. That’s a lot tougher.”

NewMexiKen has a better chance of a 300 game playing golf than bowling.