This Appears to Have Been a Red-Letter Day

T.J. Simers’ column in the Los Angeles Times sports section is about as caustic — and funny — as anything going. Today he reviews his mail. A couple of choice exchanges:

“Do you go into any of the L.A.-based sports locker rooms anymore? Do players threaten to kick your butt?”

I’ve had the feeling on occasion that a few Dodgers would like to take a poke at me, but I’ve just taken for granted they’d swing and miss.

” … Our only son is named after [Davis Love]. I’m insulted by your article. You have neglected the talent on the PGA Tour. This isn’t WWF or some stupid reality show. Concentration actually matters. Before you write about something you know nothing about, do some homework.”

You’re right, I just took it for granted no one named their kid after a wimp. Do you have any other kids named after athletes that I should know about?

“You get hate mail from Kato Kaelin? Classic.”
Better than getting it from O.J. Simpson.