Spicing things up

Wonkette has some interesting ideas.

What could make the next eight months interesting?

  1. Allow Donald Trump to select the vice president via a series of mock-governing contests. (Omarosa’s “White House” experience will finally come in handy!)
  2. John Kerry must deliver the rest of his speeches wearing funny clown shoes. Bush has to wear a tiara.
  3. Invade something.
  4. After each remaining primary, Kerry gets to have sex with an intern. . . selected by television viewers!
  5. Seriously, who wants to give Dick Cheney a heart attack?
  6. Was: Presidential debates. Is: Presidential debates. . . on ice!
  7. Trading Spaces: Wackiness ensues when the Kerrys and the Bushes exchange residences for a weekend. (“I hope they don’t do anything to Blue Room,” mutters Laura.)
  8. Sharpton v. Bumiller: This time, it’s personal.