Pro-Style Digital Cameras, Now Priced for Shutterbugs

The New York Times reviews two new S.L.R.-digital cameras:

Only four years ago, a six-megapixel digital S.L.R. made a $25,000 dent in your life savings. But last fall the air was filled with the sounds of Visa cards being slapped onto shop counters after Canon introduced the first digital S.L.R. for $1,000: the EOS 300D Digital Rebel. Next month it will be joined by a second $1,000 model, Nikon’s new D70. (Canon includes the lens for that price; Nikon does not. More on this in a moment.)

These are precision machines that, even in Auto mode, will reward the photographer, skilled or unskilled, with huge, crisp, brilliant, joyous photos.

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There’s also a nice slide show comparing cameras (see right sidebar of article).