Omarosa wishes she’d been “badder”

From column in the Detroit Free Press last Thursday:

Still, Omarosa has emerged victorious, judging from the opportunities showered on her since her exit. A political consultant who once worked for the Clinton-Gore White House, she’s now planning to design a line of business suits and accessories inspired by the clothing she wore on the show.

She’s also fielding offers to get back on television, perhaps as a host of a reality show or a political commentator for the the 2004 presidential election. “There’s a deal that would put me on the air very soon, but I can’t tip my hand,” she hints.

She’s proud the offers have been for smart projects, not “silly things like jumping off a roof or eating bugs.” And while she won’t say the show portrayed her unfairly as a rhymes-with-witch, she does allow that “what I saw was just not my reality.”

For Omarosa, getting canned is proving to be a great career move. “If I knew that being so bad would have been good, I would have been badder,” she says with a laugh.