Nice perk with Comcast cable

In NewMexiKen’s area Comcast provides a nice extra. If you subscribe to, for example, HBO, and have digital cable, you not only get 12 HBO channels (two in Spanish), but you also get HBO On-Demand. That is, all the HBO programs for the past several weeks are available at anytime and without additional charge. It isn’t TiVo, but it’s nice.

1 thought on “Nice perk with Comcast cable”

  1. Well I don’t know if Charter has that service, but I sure would like to have it! Especially with all my travels, I wind up missing some of my favorite shows–like the final two episodes of Sex and the City after watching it faithfully for 6 years, or the season’s final two episodes of the mysterious show, Carnivale. (No one I ever stay with has HBO.) [Originally posted: March 28.]

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