Marathon bout begins

Calpundit sums up the first week of the campaign —

TOUGH CAMPAIGN SEASON AHEAD….Is this going to be a tough race or what? It was only last Tuesday that John Kerry clinched the nomination and:

  • Citizens United responds with a sarcastic commercial declaring that Kerry is “another rich, liberal elitist from Massachusstts.”
  • Bush takes to the road to accuse Kerry of being soft on intelligence based on a vote nine years ago.
  • Kerry shoots back, “If the president of the United States can find the time to go to a rodeo, he can find the time to do more than one hour in front of a commission that is investigating what happened to America’s intelligence and why we are not stronger today.”

    I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff, but I’m tired. And this was only the first week.

    Eight more months to go.