UVa and Tech to exploit their battle of insults

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Finally, fans of the University of Virginia can buy bumper stickers that boldly broadcast exactly what they think of their cross-state cow-college competitor, Virginia Tech.

At last, Virginia Tech supporters can sport T-shirts that trumpet their true views of those pretentious pantywaists in blue blazers at the University of Virginia.

Yes, in these difficult financial times, licensing officials at both schools have agreed to exploit their storied rivalry for money, to allow the sale of products that, within the bounds of good taste, disparage each other. Coming soon to a store near you: clothes, pennants, posters and key chains that give either a black eye to the Blacksburg school or a jolt to the jaw of Mr. Jefferson’s University.

As one shirt soon to go on sale in Charlottesville puts it: “Friends don’t let friends go to Virginia Tech.”

As one soon to be on the shelves in Blacksburg replies: “Friends don’t let friends go to U.Va.”

Sure, they’re polite. For now. But you can see where this might end up.

The coming intercollegiate mockery coincides with Tech’s preparations to bolt the Big East sports conference to join the Wahoos in the Atlantic Coast Conference, making their rivalry more real, and heated, than ever.

“We’re definitely beholden to them for their help in getting us into the ACC,” said Tech licensing director Locke White. “But now that we’re in, the gloves are coming off and we’re enemies again.”

This could get good.