That’s my Congresswoman!

Josh Marshall

Credit, I always say, where credit is due.

And with that in mind, tonight we’re awarding Congresswoman Heather Wilson (R-NM) the first annual Heather Wilson “I think the American people are a bunch of god-forsaken idiots” Award….

After detailing all the reasons why the president’s pre-war rationales for war make sense in retrospect, she uncorked this beauty. “And to me,” she told CNN’s Heidi Collins, “the most important thing was his biological weapons program, which we’ve now confirmed he was continuing to pursue up to the day of the invasion, and the ability to deliver those biological weapons against Americans on American soil.”

An on-going biological weapons program? Really … Continuing research into delivery systems for biological weapons attacks on the United States mainland? She really needs to bring her data to David Kay and the president. The president, I think, would find Wilson’s new findings really helpful right now.