Ted Kennedy, Green Bay Packer?

From Jim Kuhnhennthe on the Knight Ridder Election 2004 blog:

Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, who helped John Kerry draw huge crowds in Iowa, joined Kerry for a campaign stop in Green Bay, Wis., and revealed that in 1955 Kennedy was recruited by Green Bay Packers head coach Lisle Blackbourn.

Kennedy, who played offensive end at Harvard, brandished a letter addressed to “Dear Sir,” with Ted penciled in, stating that Kennedy had been recommended as a possible pro football prospect.

“I’ll tell ya, I’m not going to use up my eligibility until John Kerry is president of the United States,” he bellowed to more than 1,000 Democrats at a rally at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.

Before the rally, Kennedy paid special homage to Lambeau Field, the home of the Packers and a football temple to Packers fans.

“Ted Kennedy went to Mecca,” Kerry said. “He went to Lambeau field. He went all around the field. He walked out on the field before he came here. Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Kennedy came here this afternoon in a state of grace.”

As for the recruiting letter, it’s clear that football scouts in those days weren’t what they are today. In a P.S. at the bottom of the two paragraph letter, Blackbourn added: “Please list in the Offense or Defense Position You Play Section whether you play Right or Left Guard, Tackle, Halfback, etc.”