Persistent, if nothing else

From Morning Briefing in the Los Angeles Times

Dale Webster will go surfing one more time in Bodega Bay in Northern California today. He will not go surfing Monday, ending a 28 1/2-year streak.

Webster, 55, began surfing on Sept. 3, 1975. After surfing every day for a year, he figured he’d see how long he could go. He set a goal of 28 1/2 years — targeting Feb. 29, 2004 — because he believed that was a lunar year. He maintained that goal even after learning three years ago that a lunar year is 18 1/2 years.

The surfing documentary “Step Into Liquid,” which came out last year and will be available on DVD in April, features Webster’s incredible feat.

So why did he do it?

“By the time it ends, I hope to find out,” he told The Times’ Bill Plaschke last summer.