Hybrid luxury car? What a concept!

Colorado Luis tells us about a paradigm shift for automobiles — a hybrid Lexus. Check out the whole post, but here’s some highlights:

So what’s your image of a hybrid car? I’ve thought “small, underpowered, the kind of car you would get if you were, well, more committed to good gas mileage than I am.” ….

I just found out that Lexus is coming out this year with the Lexus h, the first luxury hybrid car. It even uses the energy generated during breaking to power the car! And don’t worry, they say, it will have all the power of a Lexus V-8. Damn I should have seen this coming. After all, Lexus is owned by Toyota, and Toyota is the world leader in hybrid technology.

Maybe I’m just showing my weakness for really nice cars, but seems to me this is going to change everything.

Colorado Luis describes his blog as “Political and social commentary with altitude.”