Bring it on

From Ellen Dunkel on the Knight Ridder Election 2004 blog:

Wondering how we, as a country, are going to get Janet Jackson to keep her top on? Or at least keep her from undressing on TV? Evangelist Franklin Graham told Christian broadcasters on Sunday that only President Bush will see that this happens.

“If this president is not re-elected,” Graham told the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention in an unofficial endorsement of Bush, “the floodgates of this garbage is going to be open because there won’t be anyone to stand against it.”

He said the Super Bowl halftime at which Janet Jackson exposed a breast is the “tip of the iceberg” for what secularists have in store for the nation. Without mentioning names, he said the goal of “these people” is to show open sex on TV, much like what he said is shown on TV in Europe.