America by dialect

From Andrew Sullivan:

Bored of red and blue states? How about states where people say “Grammy Hall” as opposed to “Grandma Hall”? Or states where students call an easy course a “gut”? It’s all here, if it’s a very slow day in the office. Bonus fun: use the results to find out if you’re more Yankee or Dixie! Believe it or not, I came out marginally Dixie. It’s the residue of my English accent, I suppose.

The first three sites listed by Sullivan are the Harvard Dialect Survey; it’s informative and quite interesting. The last, the Yankee/Dixie quiz, is interactive. It takes just a few minutes and is fun.

NewMexiKen was a Yankee (barely) but a lot of the individual answers revealed my Great Lakes childhood.

To be complete, the quiz should have included — green chili or red?