The social life of the mind

Readerville is a gathering place for anyone and everyone who has an interest in books — readers, writers, publishers, editors, agents, teachers, students, booksellers, librarians, etc, etc.

Every intelligent, articulate, book-minded person I know wishes he or she knew more avid readers. The readers I know thrive on the exchange of book recommendations, love to brag about their recent acquisitions and wish publishers paid more attention to what readers actually want. The writers I know like nothing better than having discerning readers to talk to about their work and other writers to talk to about the traumas and joys of the craft. In other words, the people I know who love books love to talk about books and about the ideas contained within them.

Which is why I launched Readerville. Readerville is founded on the idea that literature — and discussion thereof — is one of life’s finest pursuits. The Readerville Forum provides a broad and flexible space for readers, writers, librarians, publishers, critics and anyone else who loves books to have thoughtful and engaging discussions about everything from favorite books and authors to why they buy what they buy to current writing conundrums to the latest literary news. Our reading groups — Fresh Ink, Young Adult, Biography and more — organize lively discussions on varying schedules…And Forum members are able to start new discussions about any book-related subject that interests them. It’s a welcoming, challenging, entertaining and endlessly fascinating environment that has proven deeply addictive to avid readers from around the globe.

But Readerville is more than just the Forum. Readerville Events bring visiting authors and industry insiders to Readerville for week-long discussions of their work. Our Author Gallery affords you the opportunity to discover writers you might not have heard of, and to learn more about those you already know and love. In our Features section, you’ll find Mignon Khargie, DG Strong and me singing the praises of the Most Coveted Covers, as well as thoughtful reviews of recent books from astute members of the Readerville community. And that’s just scratching the surface.

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Thanks to Veronica for the link.