The Bloggies

2004 marks the Fourth Annual Weblog Awards and the nominees were announced yesterday. If you don’t have time to visit the site, don’t worry. NewMexiKen will glean all the highlights for you starting with the nominees for best weblog tagline:

  • Mighty Girl: “Famous among dozens”
  • The Art of Rhysisms: “Stealing traffic cones from the Information Superhighway since 2002”
  • C:\PIRILLO.EXE: “Getting screwed while everybody else is getting laid”
  • Sabrina Faire: “All the fun of a saucy wench, none of the overpriced beer”
  • “Fabulous since 1973, blogging since 2003, drinking since noon”

NewMexiKen is thinking “Half Wisdom, Half Whimsy, Half Wit” wasn’t half bad.