Feeling better

Thanks to the belated administration of anti-biotics, for the first day in more than three weeks NewMexiKen feels terrific.

Yucky as I felt at times, I guess my misery was mild compared to this poor soul (found on Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish).

Dude, I’m 53 and this is the sickest I have ever been in my life. I’m in my 7th day and just starting to feel a bit better. I live alone and had to have everything: box of tissues, jug of water, TV remote (not that I had a clue what was on, I was semi-delirious for 2 days, sat up in my bed and thought I was sitting at my computer at work (then I woke up hours later on the floor) but I digress, had to have everything in the bed cause I could not even make it to my nightstand on the other side of the bed. I got 2 hours at work Wednesday and they sent me home, and 2 hours in today wanted to make sure they signed my time sheet, I’m a contract worker so I’m screwed next payday!
Funny thing; friends and family would call and ask if I needed anything. So from time to time they’d arrive at my door with a few bottles of ginger ale or some such and I’d be yelling “leave it and go”, not wanting to contaminate them. It started sounding funny, I began to feel like a hideous character in a Poe novel “leave it and be on your way!! You’ll not see me in my shame!!!!”. Like I said, I’m semi-delirious.