Coach Olson

From UA superstitions in the Arizona Daily Star:

But when Olson doesn’t feel right, even if the outward appearance is fine, it gets worse. The Wildcats can lose.

On Feb. 16, 2002, the normally well-prepared Olson forgot a critical element in his game-day efforts at USC.

He had the defensive assignments parceled out. The pre-game talk prepared. The offensive sets planned.

But there was no red necktie in his hotel room.

He called associate head coach Jim Rosborough, who thought he had the perfect tie for Olson to borrow: red with navy stripes.

Olson wore it to the game, and Rosborough was relieved. He had no reason to worry.

Arizona lost 94-89.

“He gave it back to me and said, ‘You need to burn this tie,'” Rosborough said.

NewMexiKen hopes Olson has all the essential clothing when he gets to Pauley Pavilion this afternoon.