Best blogs

Among the sites nominated for Best American Weblog is dooce. Some highlights:

If the baby in my womb has its legs crossed during tomorrow’s ultrasound, I am totally going to put him/her into a time-out.

I can safely blame iTunes for Windows when my child asks why I can’t help her pay for her college education.

The scariest thing about this whole baby thing is knowing that I won’t be able to say to her, “You’re poopy? Your mom will change your diaper when she gets home.” I WILL BE THE MOTHER.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to give birth to an 8-lb Nacho Cheese Dorito.

Feeling guility: For hoping that this baby doesn’t decide to make her entrance into the world during the season premiere of “Survivor.” She needs to get her priorities straight early.


Things in the Past Week That Have Brought Me to Uncontrollable, Blubbering Tears

The finely orchestrated piece of crap otherwise known as the finale to “Joe Millionaire.”

The look on my dog’s face when I took away his bone last night.

The delicate beauty of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

The moment we realized that the bed sheet we bought at Target was too small to fit the mattress for the baby’s crib, and the thought of my baby having to sleep on a bed sheetless mattress for the rest of her life.

The amount of money the plumber told us he is going to charge us to move our kitchen sink 24 inches to the right.

The realization that Paris Hilton is someone’s daughter.