The Big Dipper…

was Wilt Chamberlain’s preferred nickname (not Wilt-the-Stilt). The Morning Briefing in the Los Angeles Times has this —

Several readers e-mailed to say Chamberlain’s most amazing accomplishment may have been that he averaged 48.5 minutes a game in 1961-62. He averaged more than the maximum because the Philadelphia Warriors played a few overtime games that season.

He missed eight minutes all season — when he was ejected from a game against the Lakers after his third technical.

Chamberlain scored 50 or more points in a game 118 times during his NBA career.

Trivia questions: Chameberlain left college before his senior year at a time when it was unheard of and the NBA wouldn’t accept players until their class graduated. What did he do that year? What college did he leave?