C_Schilling1966 Has Entered the Room

Seth Stevenson on What happens when a Red Sox pitcher logs on?

Soon after, once a deal had been struck, Red Sox owner John Henry posted a message announcing as much, and thanking SOSH for the great impression it had made on Schilling. Then Schilling logged back on again and chatted some more—this time answering questions about the comparative hotness of the Olsen twins, and who’d win in a fight between a shark and a bear. (Schilling went with the bear.)….

The network effect of bringing these intelligent fans together, all of them striving to outwit and out-argue each other, all of them posting links to news items the second they hit the wire, creates an astonishing resource. A resource that just whups ass on the local hacks [sportswriters] and renders them nearly irrelevant.

The Internet is changing everything.