Yesterday, November 28, 2003…

a date which will live in University of Arizona infamy. The football ‘Cats lose to ASU 28-7 to complete their worst season — won 2, lost 10. Last in the Pac 10 in offense, defense and special teams. Two freakin’ field goals all season!

Then the basketball ‘Cats lose to Florida 78-77. No points in the final 2:37. Hello, the game is played for 40 minutes!

Coach Olson: “I’ve often said I would rather lose a game like this than beat some team by 40. We can take a lot out of this game. We have a lot to learn.”

NewMexiKen agrees, the games don’t mean a lot until March if you win enough of them (and Arizona surely will). But Coach, can we run a few more plays? The team with the best athletes doesn’t always prevail.