Speaking of too much caf

Also from The Kicker:

Advance.net President Jeff Jarvis weighs in with his own anti-Starbucks rant: “I like my coffee. I like it large (not vente, damnit, just large). I like it black. So I grit my teeth and go to Starbucks to drink the grit. But they do find new ways to irritate me. Lately, they have taken to asking for a name — ‘first name only’ — with every order. And I want to shout: What happens when three Ashleighs come in and order caf and decaf and halfcaf and they all get the wrong frigging coffee and end up in caf-induced fits and you end up with a riot of over-and-under-caffed Ashleighs? Huh? Can’t you just give somebody a number? Can’t you just make the coffee faster instead?”