Odds are, Buckeyes don’t have a prayer

Iffy The Dopester

Iffy’s not a computer person. Few people his age are unless they’re hooked up to one. Yet there’s no escaping the long arm of IBM.

Each Monday, Iffy eagerly awaits the posting of the Bowl Championship Series poll, the computerized rankings that measure the nation’s top college football teams. It’s not that Iffy’s a disciple of the system, but he finds the BCS poll an interesting amalgam of all the components that go into rating college teams.

Now that’s saying a mouthful, so it should also be said, quickly, that the BCS poll is a hard one to swallow, despite its appeal to Iffy. F’rinstance, if Ohio State is the second-best team in the country, as the BCS’ers maintain, why are the Buckeyes a touchdown underdog to No. 9 Michigan in today’s tussle at Ann Arbor?

Iffy is laugh out loud funny. Read the whole column.