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From the Coastal Post Online May 2003 Letters to the Editor

On Trimming Trees…

Plan in the Fire Department is for trimming the trees a lot. I don’t like any trimming because it requires the experience of the whole tree to understand if it is exotic, fascinating and interesting to yourself including your friends. Like how you find things in the store for yourself and also appropriate to your friends. This appropriateness without science is medically substantial to find plants. What you see as exotic, extremely interesting, extremely fascinating is good to you; boring things different for different persons — broccoli better than broccoli sprouts, better than iron, calcium, enzymes, protein and other inedibles in dirt. Broccoli the best.

Vote for Bolinas, Socially Acknowledged Nature Loving Town. Because to like to drink the water out of the lakes, to like to eat the blueberries, to like the bears is not hatred to hotels and motorboats.