Lee has suggested the top ten reasons why NewMexiKen should recommence.

10. It’s something to do during time previously slotted for watching Giants and Athletics in World Series.

9. No babies are due in the near future so you are able to focus on NewMexiKen.

8. NewMexiKen was sooo exclusive; Some blogs will let anybody in.

7. Can’t use the excuse that you are too busy running for governor of California.

6. We’re still hearing from Bin Laden. Why not NewMexiKen?

5. It’s not just a job; it’s an adventure.

4. If Bush gets his way you won’t even have to pay yourself overtime for time spent on NewMexiKen.

3. Blogging could become a lost art.

2. Even your own children have acknowledged that NewMexiKen was worth checking out regularly.

And the number one reason to get NewMexiKen up and running again:
the name is still the most clever name for a Blog that anyone has come up with.