Metrosexual? Dean?

“I KNOW METROSEXUALS. METROSEXUALS ARE FRIENDS OF MINE. AND GOVERNOR, YOU ARE NO METROSEXUAL. He may attract “Queer Eye for the Dean Guy” signs at rallies and boast that a gay man has called him “handsome,” but Howard Dean is no “metrosexual,” as he claimed to be at a breakfast meeting in Colorado yesterday. For the record, no man who “has been known to stuff pretzels into his pockets,” goes anywhere with “shaving nicks on his neck, uneven fingernails and wrinkles from a hanger creasing his suit at the knees” (as has been documented in The Washington Post) and still wears a 20-year-old suit he bought for $125 at J.C. Penny’s (as Dean claimed on The Tonight Show that he does) can call himself a metrosexual.”