Another wanderlist

NewMexiKen assumes every place is as pretty today as Albuquerque and — ironically I suppose — feels wanderlust. Or at least, wanderlist.

Rough Guides has this list of the Best of USA:

  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    The national park that started it all has it all, from steaming fluorescent hot springs and spouting geysers to sheer canyons and meadows filled with wild flowers and assorted grazing beasts.
  • Hawaii’s volcanoes
    Hawaii’s Big Island grows bigger by the minute, as the world’s most active volcano pours molten lava into the ocean.
  • Driving Highway 1
    The rugged Big Sur coastline, pounded by Pacific waves, makes an exhilarating route between San Francisco and LA.
  • Monticello, Virginia
    A squirrel’s hop from the Blue Ridge Mountains, this elegant plantation was the home and final resting place of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Constitution and third US president.
  • Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
    The site for some of the best skiing anywhere, from glitzy resorts to atmospheric mining towns.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame, Tennessee
    Everything you ever wanted to know about country music, enshrined and explained in loving detail.
  • New England in the fall
    Fall in the northeast is a breathtaking spectacle, the copious foliage presenting an ever-changing palette of color and light.
  • Aurora borealis, Alaska
    Winter visitors to Alaska see the skies ablaze with the shimmering veils of the Northern Lights.
  • Savannah, Georgia
    Mint juleps on wide verandas, horsedrawn carriages on cobbled streets and lush foliage draped with Spanish moss; this historic cotton port remains the South’s loveliest town.
  • Ancestral Puebloan sites
    Scattered through desert landscapes like Arizona’s magnificent Canyon de Chelly, the dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloans afford glimpses of an ancient and mysterious world.