Another two-year-old driver

From Debby [with permission]

Eli also decided he could drive when he was two. We were living on a couple of acres in Avra Valley at the time. The car was a standard transmission. Anyone who knows vehicles very well knows that, if you turn the key on a standard that’s parked in first gear without engaging the clutch, it will lurch forward. He was outdoors playing, and I don’t know if I was in the shower or what I was doing at the moment, but I do remember looking outside and wondering where the hell the car had gone! Turns out Eli had absconded with it. Fortunately, the car was pointed away from the road, because he had managed to “drive” it all the way to the far end of the property where, fortunately, there was a shallow wash and a fence to keep him from getting any further than he did. He was pissed as hell that he was stuck and couldn’t go any further, or that we wouldn’t let him drive it back.